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Me and camping ♡ unter We Heart It.
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Me and camping ♡ unter We Heart It.


I’m With You ♡ | via Tumblr on We Heart It
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I’m With You ♡ | via Tumblr on We Heart It

Mar 29, 2014

Feeling nostalgic

I miss being outside, I miss camping, I miss being in the woods and having daily projects and building things. I miss feeling small and smelling the earth.
I used to camp a lot when I was younger. We went all the time and I really loved it
Lately I’ve been having this craving for rain and to see green. That bright vibrant green you get from trees and grass when it rains. There’s something so lush and alive about that to me. So much more alive then this dull brown I’ve been surrounded in for the past couple months.
I need warmth, I need to run around and dig something up or build something great.
It’s a huge huge huge aspect of my life that’s missing and my mind keeps bringing me back there. It’s insane because if it weren’t for coaching and meditation I never would’ve realized this big part of me was missing right now.

Mar 27, 2014

Why we need to play

every animal kingdom has kids who play. Dolphins, Lions, People, Elephants, all of them play. When youre a kid you learn basically everything from play. You eat your food by grabbing it and flinging it and some how managing to get some of it in your mouth. You leanr how to make friends by playing games and laughing, you feel how good it is to run and move when you play tag. Everything comes down to play.

Then all of a sudden you are older and it’s “stop playing with your food!” “stop playing around I’m serious” “we don’t have time to play you have work to do” 


We battle with this our entire adolence. Some kids act out in class because with all of this seriousness they NEED to have some play. Some teachers even try to incorportae fun into their lessons so that kids can actively learn something. You tease the person you have a crush on and try to get them to laugh because with all these serious feelings you need that playful outlet. 

We need play. We crave play. 

And then of course playing is turned into some sort of reward, or privledge. “You can go out and play when you finished your homework” or “You can’t go out and play because you didnt eat your vegetables” 

This may sound crazy but I think Playing is necessary, using it as leverage is just as bad as saying “You didnt do what I want, deprive yourself of oxygen for 10 minutes” Play is nonegotiable. Play is not a weapon. 

Especially in today, where everything is now, now, now. We need to take the time to play. To sit down and have a meal where we smell our food, and chew it slowly, swirling it in our mouth getting to taste every bit of it. Trying it with new things, seeing how textures contrast. We need to play with it. We need to have that appreciation. 

So I encourage anyone who comes across this to find a way to play. You’ll thank yourself.

Where we come from, what we go through, how we go through it — all that s**t matters. [ … ] Like, at the end of the book? Boats and tides and all? It’s like, you can change up. You can say you somebody new. You can give yourself a whole new story. But what came first is who you really are, and what happened before is what really happened. It doesn’t matter that some fool say you different, ’cause the only thing that make you different is what you really do, or what you really go through. Like all them books in his library. Now, he frontin’ with all them books. But if we pull one down off the shelf, ain’t none of the pages ever been opened. He got all them books, and he ain’t read one of ‘em. Gatsby, he was who he was, and he did what he did, and ’cause he wasn’t ready to get real with the story, that s**t caught up to him.
D’Angelo Barksdale on ‘Gatsby’ - The Wire, Favourite Scene [Season 2, Episode 6]
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Mar 2, 2014



Haven’t been on here, haven’t been journaling. Been tearing around. Fell off the god damn horse

Getting back on it. Mad at myself.


Feb 18, 2014

I watched a Ted talk MONTHS ago where a guy took a short video of his life every day. Found it inspiring and decided I was going to start it on my birthday. Well here is my bday and here is my video!!!!

Feb 18, 2014

Beep beep

Haven’t written on here in a while which is crummy.
My excuse is I have no excuse! I neglected to make this part of my life a priority! Shame on me.

I had to miss class yesterday which is a bummer but I’m excited to listen to the recordings! I’m also supposed to join a conference call with Scott dinsmore today and I might miss that but I really don’t want to. Ugh.
Prioritizing and balance. Why the heck is this soooooooo difficult!

But anyway
I woke up this morning feeling grateful. Hopeful. That’s always a nice way to start the day, with the grateful part.
I’m still really dazed and confused and am constantly wondering if this will ever pass. Then I try to rev myself up by saying this is my story! The story of a champion!!!! But that only lasts for so long. I need to start feeling, not just saying.


Anxiety is the mistaken belief that something could go wrong.
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Anxiety is the mistaken belief that something could go wrong.

Feb 14, 2014



I had my first class on Tuesday for Life Coaching and it went extremely well! I am so thrilled about this process and I feel like there’s so much to learn and I just want to soak it all up!! 

There was something pretty amazing that my wonderful teacher shared that I am going to post after this but truly all the content was incredible. 

Aside from my wonderful and inspiring course I also was knocked down a pegs the other day. I was cleaning my room and I came across the program from a very traumatic funeral I went to last september. It broke my heart so I cried for a while WHAT MADE IT WORSE was I was listening to a great Pandora station but then Feilds of Gold by Sting came on and I lost it even more 

Anyway, at the back of the program I found 5 things that the children learned from their father that they wanted to share with everyone. I decided to take each of those things and turn them into art, and I’m going to put the pieces up on my wall. I am really happy about this, I have really found that creating things always helps me process. So I hope that’ll go well! I think it will!